Serious solutions for serious problems

   Greywater Industries was created to deal with the growing list of our planet’s critical water problems that, in today’s litigious world, are most affordably, effectively, and expediently dealt with by cleaning to a grey-water standard.

   Greywater Industries has developed an advanced, environmentally friendly, green/chemical-free, patented agricultural wastewater filtration system. Our proprietary system combines innovative and proven technology to organically convert animal wastewater into grey water; as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

   Swine effluent is one of the most difficult animal waste streams to clean, and contains the toxins: ammonia, phosphorous, sulfates, nitrates and heavy metals. Toxicity occurs when this effluent soaks into the water table. Current preventive measures may not always work.

   Greywater’s system neutralizes these toxins and at the same time dramatically reduces: (a) chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD, BOD) and (b) the build-up of gases such as methane and cyanide, reducing the atmospheric carbon footprint.

   The system cleans waste to grey water for irrigation, plus provides a solid bio-fuel or nutrient rich fertilizer by-product that can be utilized on the farm or sold by farmers to create an additional income stream.

   By utilizing a green, high-quality manufactured modular design, we ensure a low operating cost, superior efficacy, and long-lasting efficiency.

    Our proprietary system was originally designed to clean the effluent to potable water standards. Now in its third generation, we have removed a stage of filtration. The system currently cleans effluent black water to grey water that can safely and affordably be returned to the land.

   However, producing clean drinking water is also doable with our patented flow-through system.

   Greywater will expand its technology to also deal with many of the worst freshwater contaminants facing us today. Our research and development team is formulating solutions for markets that include: building filtered wetlands that will clean rain and flood runoff, filtering landfill leachate, cleaning rivers, waterways, industrial wastewater, augmenting/rebuilding municipal waste water treatment plants.

   None of these problems will fix themselves. Greywater’s mission is to provide these solutions to the world.

   Serious solutions for serious problems.

   It’s what Greywater Industries was built for.

Serious solutions for serious problems